Here we have just a few pictures of some of the work we've completed and more will be added in time. Click on an image for larger.

TV Mounted above In-wall speakers

Showing a TV mounted above in-wall speakers. The rear speakers (not shown) were flush mounted in the ceiling/walls.

A TV location wired and ready for mounting. The equipment was installed in the lower cabinets and the speakers were all flush in-ceilings.

Another TV location ready for mounting. In-ceiling speakers were used in this bedroom.

This shows a custom made cabinet that has the TV mounted on an articulating, pull out bracket. The equipment and speakers were all installed into the lower cabinets.

A TV bracket above a fireplace. This TV location used Cat5e with Baluns with the main system being located in another room.

A TV mounted on rock above a fireplace. This, like many systems, used a combination of a matrix video switch and baluns.

A back-box used for a custom TV cabinet with a pull-out bracket.

Another TV surrounded by a custom cabinet. This TV was mounted on a fully articulating bracket.

An elaborate projection system in which the projector was mounted a couple of feet behind the screen. The projector and other related equipment are in the next photo.

This TV sits flush with the finished wall and the audio/video equipment 'built in' just around the corner to the right.

A projector on a custom made pole mount with about a 4 foot drop from the ceiling. This was located approximately 2 to 3 feet behind the screen in the previous photo.

A custom keypad plate for an automation system.

This is a Control4 Dimmer with a screw-less plate. A nice alternative to standard wall plates.

These 2 pictures show the before and after of an in-ceiling flush speaker installation.

A typical rack that's used to house all the related audio/video equipment for a theatre and/or house-wide system.

This particular installation provided some exceptional outdoor entertaining. The speakers were disguised as rocks and the projector was safely housed inside a secured cabinet.

These 2 pictures show a highly complex telephone, internet and cable system from a couple of different installs. The orange cable is fibre-optic.

PIU Rack.jpg

Here are some before and after photos of a internet gaming cafe in Victoria.

PIU gameroom-2.jpg
PIU gameroom3.jpg
PIU gameroom-1.jpg