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"I’ve worked with Rick and his crew for many years. He has a good understanding of almost every aspect of a Custom Home and how it interplay’s with the electronic infrastructure. 


While many designers can fail to include a necessary element, (or simply make an oversight), Rick has seen enough to ‘get the job done’... 


When the crunch is on and there’s a wire missing at the rack and the walls and ceilings are already done - in custom wallpaper or exotic veneers; ‘pulling more wire’ just isn’t an option in most cases. Rick makes it go.


He is able to see the big-picture and sometimes a view like that can save me a ton of time, aggravation and money down the road. 


I listen to what Rick has to say and have enjoyed his professionalism on job sites for over ten years."


Joe Zucchero 

It’s Under Control

"Rick arrived on time with all the tools and materials needed to complete the job. He was able to fish a wire through a much better location and made quick work of an extremely difficult situation. The installation works and looks great. The wire is out of sight and secured correctly."

Corey Cooke

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