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We are a total networking and communications company established in 2012 servicing Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland BC and beyond. As a licensed contractor we are regulated by the province of BC and must adhere to the strict electrical codes within the province.

We specialize in commercial/residential data and telephone wiring and termination, video surveillance as well as home theatre and home automation infrastructure and installations.

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"I’ve worked with Rick and his crew for many years. He has a good understanding of almost every aspect of a Custom Home and how it interplay’s with the electronic infrastructure. 


While many designers can fail to include a necessary element, (or simply make an oversight), Rick has seen enough to ‘get the job done’... 


When the crunch is on and there’s a wire missing at the rack and the walls and ceilings are already done - in custom wallpaper or exotic veneers; ‘pulling more wire’ just isn’t an option in most cases. Rick makes it go.


He is able to see the big-picture and sometimes a view like that can save me a ton of time, aggravation and money down the road. 


I listen to what Rick has to say and have enjoyed his professionalism on job sites for over ten years."


Joe Zucchero,

It’s Under Control

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